It isn’t going to come as a galloping shock to anyone that men outnumber women in most positions of power from politics to STEM to the media and Hollyood. As part of their November Feminism issue, Elle UK launched a #MoreWomen campaign.

In a 45-second video set to an infectious beat, “Get Your Way” by new singer Zilla, Elle UK has Photoshopped out the men in images of groups of powerful figures. Left standing (or sitting) is usually one woman, occasionally two or three. Among the list are Emma Watson at the United Nations, Hillary Clinton in the White House Situation room, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a G8 summit.


While video campaigns are not a substitute for real-life action, this is an important visual reminder that just as racism isn’t dead because of Obama, the gender glass ceiling isn’t dead because of Hillary Clinton. Watch the full video below:


Image and video via Elle UK

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