Earlier this week, local Portland hero and overall badass Mary Numair cleared out a protest at her local Planned Parenthood by enthusiastically chanting, “yeast infection” over and over until the protestors left. 

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Numair, who supports Planned Parenthood – especially after they helped her with her UTIs, yeast infection, and contraception – said that, “Planned Parenthood is vital resource for so many people. We have to look beyond the pro-life/pro-choice debate and recognize this organization is out there providing some of the most important care to our sensitive medical needs.”


After an attempt to engage with the protestors for a discussion about Planned Parenthood and the services it provides, she opted for a different method. Not only did she repeatedly chant “yeast infection,” but she did so with aplomb: “They glared at my princess wave and cheerleader enthusiasm, and they began a prayer circle. This is when I really shined. I have never made my voice louder.” 

After an unsatisfying prayer circle full of Numair’s enthusiastic interruptions, the protestors finally took off.

When asked if she had further plans for more protests, she thankfully replied with, “Fuck. Yes. I. Do.”




Photos via Twitter/Mary Numair


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