If you haven’t heard of hilarious feminist and The Daily Show’s youngest correspondent Jessica Williams by now, you’re missing out. The 26-year-old comedian’s most popular segments focus on race and privilege, and bring much needed humor to even the most infuriating of current events.



Fortunately for all of us, her presence on social media is no different – but being an outspoken woman and public figure with over 140,000 followers makes her extra prone to probably-sitting-alone-in-their-mother’s-basement Twitter trolls. This morning, Williams took the following screenshot of this ridiculous tweet, and posted it to her Instagram account:


Seriosuly, fxck that guy.

We love Williams for calling out the blatant sexism that outspoken women have to put up with, and we look forward to more mic-drop worthy segments. 


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Images via Instagram/Jessica Williams, Giphy, Comedy Central

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