You Need To Watch Amber Rose's 'Walk of No Shame

Hide your children. Amber Rose had sex last night and loved it. The Internet is buzzing about Amber Rose’s “Walk of No Shame” video. Set in quintessential Americana, complete with a milkman, Rose looks gosh-darn pleased with herself. Her sluttier-than-slutty leather strappy outfit, which can barely contain her fabulous boobs (all of this is said in the most sex-positive manner), belongs nowhere near Leave It To Beaver land, yet everyone she passes has nothing but enthusiastic support for her choices. 

My two favorites are the construction workers, “I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night. I think we can all agree: having sex is fun,” and the man in the truck, “Hey! You’re an inspiration to my daughter.” The former takes the douchebag, lecherous construction worker trope and makes it into a feminist statement of respect and sexual empowerment, as well as a factual statement that sex is awesome. The father in the truck is especially significant because of the “But the children!” hysteria that inevitably crops up when women have sex. Or have boobs. Or show their boobs and have sex. This father hopes that his daughter will own it if she has boobs and sex.


Matt McGorry got some feminist panties soppin’ once again, making an appearance as the one night stand Rose didn’t forget to give her number to. McGorry later assured Facebook that he was an enthusiastic participant and believer in the message of the video.

Stay fabulous, Matt.

This isn’t the first public statement that Rose has made about slut shaming. The line “I always celebrate my body” is both a sexual innuendo followed by “sometimes twice a day” and a historical truth about her fantastic fashion choices and activism. She graced last year’s VMA red carpet with her “dress” consisting of a bra, thong, and multitudinous linked beads. For modesty. 

This year, she and Blac Chyna were fully covered (minus Chyna’s impressive neckline), about as Mormon as you can get except they also had “slut,” “bitch,” “whore,” and any other misogynistic slur you can think of, painted all over their bodies.

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Both women used the national attention of the VMAs to make a statement about all the flak women get for having sex, having boobs, being fat, being skinny, getting abortions, using contraception, drinking, swearing, or generally being humans in any way.

Rose has also garnered attention and praise for The Amber Rose Slut Walk, which calls out the real-world implications of slut shaming and provides onsite HIV testing and sexual awareness education. It’s Oct. 3 in LA, and everyone who can go should go. 

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