An Iraqi woman captured as a sex-slave killed her captor, ISIS commander Abu Anas, three months after she was given to him as a "gift." The woman, whom little is known about, was forced into marriage with several ISIS militants. Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesperson told independent Iraqi network Al Sumaria that the woman is believed to be a member of Yazidi-Kurdus origin, an ethnic and religious minority which is highly persecuted. The woman’s status as a minority would have made her subject to the worst varieties of torture ISIS had on hand.

It’s possible that the woman was a part of the all-female militia in Kurdistan, which is currently organizing to fight ISIS. One third of the Iraq’s Yazidi population fled their hometowns to join the militia. The Yazidis were given an ultimatum: covert to Islam, or die.  


To give some context, the Kurds live in a pluralistic society, which includes Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Yazidi people who coexist and have a culture of relative gender equality. Many ISIS combatants believe that being killed by a woman is a fate worse than being condemned to hell, which would prompt extra “fuck-yeah-girl-power,” fist bump from my end. 

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Photo courtesy of Sofia Barbarani

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