Adair Mahoney is a nine-year-old girl who doesn’t take the advertising world’s sexist shit. Adair and her mom were shopping online at Vineyard Vines when she noticed a difference in the nomenclature of children’s clothing. Boys' pajama pants were called “Lounge” pants, while girls' pants were referred to as “Lazy" pants. If your reaction to this is "What the fuck?" then you and Adair Mahoney are on the same page. 


What did Mahoney do when she encountered the discrepancy? She wrote a letter to Vineyard Vines calling them out on their hyper-gendered marketing. “I thought, uh, did they really just call me lazy?” Adair said in an interview with ABC News. Right? Like why do boys get to "lounge," but when girls just want to spend the day chilling on the couch in pajamas after a trying week of third grade, they’re lazy? It’s almost as if Vineyard Vines was saying to girls, "Um, hello…get off your lazy nine-year-old ass and make me a sandwich.” 

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“I think boys and girls and men and women should all be treated the same,” Adair wrote. “I don’t want to wear lazy pants because it makes me feel bad. Can’t we all just wear comfy pants?”

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Vineyard Vines responded by personally inviting Adair and her family to Connecticut to design her own pants. When asked what she would name them, she said matter-of-factly, “Adair You To Be Awesome.”

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