Jen Welter is hardly a rookie when it comes to the game of football – she played as a running back for the Texas Revolution (the only woman on an all-male team) for 14 years, then joined on as assistant coach, and now, she’s leading the linebackers of the Arizona Cardinals.

Her role with the Cardinals makes her the first-ever woman coach in the history of the NFL. Despite her position being temporary, she plans on making her mark. Her start: A unique strategy of personalized letters to each of the linebackers.


With a Ph.D. in Psychology, Welter understands how to read each player, which makes for effective coaching. The team listens to her, she says in an interview with CBS, “They want to win; it’s not about whether it’s coming from a male or a female, it’s like ‘Do you have something that can help me and if you do, I’m going to listen and be receptive.”

Her letters cover a broad range of topics including personal goals and career aspirations tailored to each player. Welter also mentions the tactic is something she would have wanted, so why not bring it to the team?

Let’s hope her tactic works: the Cardinals play the Denver Broncos Thursday night. A victory for the Cardinals is a victory for women everywhere, especially those dealing with backlash in an industry comprised of mostly men. We’re rooting for you, Jen!


Original article via CBS

Image via the Jen Welter website


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