If you love music mash-ups, you’ll love this video by MediaMatters4America on YouTube. Seventy clips of Fox News being sexist have been woven together for your viewing pleasure! It’s hard to believe, but these aren’t vintage clips I’m sharing with you. That’s right – these lovely reports and interviews, ripe with sexism, are ultra-modern. Not only are these clips modern, but they’re super diverse. We have sexism ranging from male dominance, to women in the kitchen, to slut shaming, so if you have a preference, I’m sure you’ll find it.

I decided to play a game called “Sort the Sexism.” I organized the clips into main topics of sexism, and tallied how often they were mentioned. What kind of sexism does Fox News prefer? What genre of sexism would you like to see more of? I’m sure they’re taking suggestions.

  1. Men are dominant over women: 5 clips

  2. Women belong in the kitchen: 4 clips

  3. Women are inherently inferior (lady brains don’t work as well, duh): 7 clips

  4. Violence against women is rational: 3 clips

  5. Slut shaming: 4 clips

  6. Men need to control women (our silly brains get overwhelmed!): 7 clips

  7. Sexualizing women (because what more are we than tits and ass?): 22 clips

Short on time? My favorite clip of sexism starts at 2:34. Silly women, I had no idea that I secretly would prefer to be at home! Thank goodness we have mansplaining to set us straight!

Image and video via MediaMatters4America, YouTube

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