Kevin Bacon wants to see wiener. Balls, butts, the whole nine yards. In a recent video, Bacon hilariously demands more male nudity in films and television, but he just may have a point. It’s true that you can catch more than a glimpse of boobs or lady tush in a single episode of Game of Thrones or True Blood, but you’ll rarely - if ever - see more than a shirtless man. What gives? We’re not just being deprived of some serious man junk, though. No, no. Women’s bodies are being exposed on the daily, but they have to hide their nipples! Which… I truly don’t understand. I can’t even make stupid jokes to mock the reasoning behind this, because I truly just do not understand why male nipples are considered decent and female nipples are indecent.


Bodies do not function purely for sex. Breasts and nipples feed infants! Men urinate from their penises. And yet, body parts are marked as inappropriate, declaring them as purely sexual. It’s silly. It’s also silly that pasting images of male nipples over female nipples is acceptable. There’s the same amount of boob being shown, and two little nubs are still somewhere near the center (don’t worry, I won’t exclude you assymetrical folk). #FreeTheBacon #FreeTheNipple #EveryoneShouldJustWalkAroundNude #ItsHotOut

Image via, video via YouTube

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