LEGO has been one of the most popular toys for nearly one hundred years now. It has remained popular for so long because not only do you get to play with LEGOs, you get to build them. LEGO has gotten cooler as they’ve added more and more female characters, including many women involved in STEM.

There continues to be a large gender gap in many STEM programs. Though there may be greater equality in fields such as biology and chemistry, men still vastly outweigh women in computer science and engineering fields. Much of this is due to a lack of encouragement for female children to participate in STEM fields. If girls start seeing other women as scientists in toys, TV shows, and other media, it will help break the stereotype for them that science is meant for men.


LEGO has already released a series of female scientists. One such set was actually proposed on the LEGO Ideas website and voted for by thousands of LEGO enthusiasts. Once approved, it sold out extremely quickly. LEGO also includes female scientists, such as a paleontologist, in its permanent Minifigures collection.

Business Insider reports that LEGO plans to release more female STEM Minifigures this month. These figures include “deep sea explorers, aerospace engineers, mechanics, and pit crew members.”

You can show your support for more awesome female LEGO figures by voting for projects such as this Lovelace & Babbage set. Here’s to LEGO making more and more female characters with STEM professions!


Images courtesy of Lego and Business Insider


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