Thousands of people voted this spring in a super-cool campaign run by Women on 20s to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. (Harriet Tubman was the winner!) As of yesterday, the goal of putting a woman on paper money has become a reality—in 2020, a woman will finally appear on the $10 bill. 

The U.S. Treasury Department planned a fabulous woman’s $10 debut as a celebration of the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage. As CNN reports, “The last woman on U.S. paper currency was Martha Washington, who was on the $1 Silver Certificate between 1891 and 1896.” We say it’s about time that another woman joins her.


Although we’d much rather see Andrew Jackson’s face removed from our currency forever, replacing duel fiend and Federalism-loving Alexander Hamilton with a badass lady is a good start. And the Treasury folks will be crowdsourcing suggestions for who it will be, too: You can post with the #CNN10s hashtag to make your voice heard.

Twitter users have already suggested a wide variety of women (some facetious, some not) such as computer scientist/Admiral Grace Hopper, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, pop superstar Beyoncé, and even cartoon heroine Marge Simpson.

At Bust HQ, we had tons of suggestions of our own, including:

Gloria Steinem, feminist

Leslie Knope, fictional local government superhero

 Ida B. Wells, muckraking journalist

Angela Davis, scholar/activist

Rosa Parks, civil rights leader

New Fall Issue d217c

Lucy Stone, suffragist

Oprah Winfrey, entertainment mogul

Beyonce, everything

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist

And many more: Sojourner Truth, Madonna, Rachel Carson, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Madeleine Albright, Alice Paul, Harper Lee, and Ruby Bridges, to name a few.

Comment below (or tweet with the above hashtag) to tell us who you believe belongs on the $10.


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