5 Feminist News Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

There are myriad reasons why you would have missed the top feminist news this week, including final exams, warmer weather, and a plethora of distracting cat videos. But just in case you wanted to stay on top of the lady things, we've pulled a few items together — five, in fact — for you to familiarize yourself with. Let's get this show on the road and kick off the weekend!



1. Here’s What To Do If Your Insurer Is Trying To NOT Pay For Your Birth Control

Despite the federal mandate that birth control be covered by insurance, tons of women are still having trouble getting their prescriptions co-pay for free.

2. This Female Reporter Responded Exactly The Right Way To These Vulgar Dudes

When a group of guys started shouting vulgar comments into CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt’s microphone, she didn’t let it go—she confronted them instead.


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3. 10 Lady Podcasts You Should Tune Into (And A New Festival That Brings Them Together!)

Next month, WNYC will be having its first-ever Women’s Podcast festival called “Werk It: How to Be a Grown Ass Podcaster,” featuring big names in entertainment and feminism such as Sara Schaefer, Jessica Williams, and Roxane Gay. Women are still underrepresented in journalism, podcasting included; if you check out iTunes’ top 100 podcasts, only 15 of them are hosted by women. And if you haven't been listening to any female-backed podcasts, here are 10 amazing ones you should really be tuning in for to get started!


4.  Here’s What You NEED To Know About the Proposed 20-Week Abortion Ban

231 laws restricting abortion access have been passed since 2011, and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, passed in the House Wednesday, is one of the worst. (John Boehner called it “the most pro-life legislation to ever come before this body,” if that gives you any indication.)


5. Unsurprisingly, Men Think The Anti-Manspreading Subway Ads Are Sexist

Apparently, the MTA has received countless emails from “offended” men concerning its “Courtesy Counts” etiquette campaign, which asks commuters to stop manspreading, along with calling out many other less-than-considerate behaviors. Ugh, on all fronts.

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