#HowToSpotAFeminist: She’ll be the woman with the scraggly beard tucked under a smelly armpit, brandishing a man-hating picket sign, spouting some anti-capitalist nonsense while breastfeeding in public, or burning a bra with a stick of incense. This was the intended mockery in the trending hashtag Doc Thompson recently sparked on The Morning Burn.


Totally understandable: It’s just too hard to spot a feminist in this day and age, when normal looking humans are walking around with these radical ideas hiding in the pockets of their pantsuits. How is one to know if they are talking to a woman who thinks of herself as an equal, and therefore mocking and invalidating said person’s beliefs?

Of course, plenty of people just jumped at the chance to make some good ole’ fashioned fun (and be downright disgusting) via Twitter. #NoSurpriseThere


Then, after only a few days, the hashtag underwent some much needed re-appropriation from some feminists who seemed to actually know the definition of the word feminism. #Burn

#HowToSpotAFeminist? She’ll be the woman who believes in gender equality; the woman who speaks her mind. #Boom

Images via Twitter and SplitSider