We love Instagram, but sometimes there are just a few too many #thighgap #fitspiration photos in our feeds. That's why we are so excited to share these awesome Instagram accounts with all of you. We obviously love Instagram (which is where you should be following us for BUSTie updates) and ladies, so what better way to combine two of our favorite things than with these Insta accounts? 

@educationinfeminism: A smorgasbord of feminism that aims to educate 



@janetmock: Author of Redefining Realness 

@theriotgrrrlproject: All things riot grrrl, all the time

@womenincomics: Women in comics defending women in comics

@amberibarreche: This female artist is changing the game just with her words 


@mskathleenhanna: NYC based musician and the OG riot grrrl


@tyrathezombie: A rad female photographer and close friend of Rookie's Tavi Gevinson


@chescaleigh: Best known for "Shit White Girls Say." 


@sarahsophief: Pretty much one of the coolest feminists, performers, and reproductive rights activists around 

@rookiemag: THE website for teenage girls looking to stay one step ahead


@lavernecox: A crazy cool lady helping to spearhead the trans-rights movement

@thesandyzine: The L.A. based zine dedicated to women supporting women all the way

images via Instagram


This post was originally published April 27, 2015