A middle school in Ohio edited out an eighth grader's t-shirt from class photos after it deemed her outfit potentially controversial. The offense? Her tee featured the word "feminist." Yes, that is all.

Apparently, the shirt didn't violate the dress code, and no one cared about her wearing it around school—just about the photo. But the teen, whose name is Sophie, decided she wasn't going to stand for the censorship, and has since organized a protest where she encouraged supporters to sport their our feminist shirts. She is, in two words, brilliant and wonderful.


The woman who bred this stunning example of a human being, Christine Thomas, is all for her daughter's activism. "I'm happy that she's getting so much support behind something she really believes in, and so many people believe in her."

We would just like to point out that middle school is tough, and knowing who you are or even what you believe in — at a time when basically everything you know is changing — is so hard! So keep on, keepin’ on you brilliant baby feminist. You are the bomb.

Photo via Glutz-McIntire Photography