The race for the White House has begun, and both sides are doing their best to attract female voters for their party. Democrats are riding hard on the Hillary train, knowing that she will not only perform with women but voters overall; the GOP keeps trying to get its foot in the lady door, but keeps picking complete assholes to speak on its behalf. Cue: Rand Paul.

Rand Paul—in his unparalleled idiotic wisdom—said that the election of a female president would not be a huge achievement at all. You know, because women are already kicking so much ass that there's no need to acknowledge the adversity they face.


OH WAIT. It gets even better: Interviewed Saturday by The Associated Press, Paul addressed how he sees women's position in politics and society evolving. According to him, women are already "involved at every level and in everything now." The way he said it seemed to imply that getting a woman into the White House wasn't an urgent matter at all. "I guess what I don't like is, oh somehow, you know, 'Poor, woe is me, women aren't doing well,'" he went on. "I think women are kicking butt."

Paul also predicted a future with more stay-at-home dads raising families: "Historically men worked and women stayed home, and women physiologically have the babies. I think women are going to still probably have the babies, but I think there's going to be a lot of men who stay home because women are going to have a better job."


"But I don't think anything needs to be done to fix that. I think it's going to happen, and it's a natural evolution," he mansplained.

So—just to make sure we're all on the same page—despite the fact that women remain the minority gender in government by a long shot, and that women are poorer than men in every single state in America despite having higher levels of education, and that female reproductive rights are threatened LITERALLY EVERY DAY—a woman in the White House would be no big deal? Check yourself, Rand Paul. You are sorely missing many points.

Women are kicking butt, absolutely. But it's in spite of the sexism in our society, not because sexism is long gone and everyone is finally equal. Women don't have a woe-is-me attitude, they have a warrior attitude, and the battle isn't over. So a word of advice for Rand Paul and legislators like him: Don't rewrite reality to court female voters. We're too smart for that, even if men still hold the purse strings. We're coming for you, White House.

Image c/o CNN

Princess Weekes is a part-time bookseller and a full-time writer with a Master’s in English from Brooklyn College. A former intern at BUST magazine, she has since written articles for The Mary Sue, BUST and maintains her own video channel under the name Melina Pendulum, discussing the intersection of pop culture, feminism and race. She is currently working on a fantasy novel about black witches during the Jim Crow era, while attempting to purchase every liquid lipstick the world has to offer.

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