Consider this another sign of the impending apocolypse:

In a recent interview with Alaska radio station KFQD, former vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin reportedly stunned listeners by saying that she would be “proud to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.” The quote came in response to a question about Palin’s future political goals.

“Frankly, I’ve never stopped eyeing the White House,” she explained. Palin went on to discuss her admiration of Hillary Clinton, adding “the nation is ready for a red-blooded American, female president, and if I can’t be the top dog, I’d love to be her right-hand woman.” When the host asked, jokingly, whether she would accept a VP nomination should the Democratic frontrunner become her party’s candidate, Palin stated, flatly, “I would be proud to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.”


This isn’t the first time that Palin has made statements that seem to contradict her traditional political stance. She once said, “Bristol… should have done something about that pregnancy,” which many have interpreted as an implicit acceptance of abortion on the part of an outspoken anti-choice politico.  It’s also not the first time Palin has supported a democrat 

We’re not so sure we believe Palin’s seeming change of heart and think she may have made the statement purely for shock value, but we’re pretty sure that if Hillary Clinton offers her the Vice Presidential position, we can expect to see pigs flying around the White House, wearing lipstick or not.

Tip of the hat to the Seattle Times

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