Ever heard of cookies for a cause? Well, these students in Utah are fighting for equal pay for women through a bake sale that has been attracting some controversy.

The cookies are being sold for $1 to boys, and .77 cents for girls. Why?


"Because in America, for every dollar a man makes, a woman only makes 77 cents. So we're raising awareness for this,” says Kari Schott with the Young Democrats Club at Jordan High School.


There has been plenty of support from fellow students, male and female, as well as some expected push-back.

"I believe in what they're doing. I believe in their standing for a cause, but I just don't believe the statistics they're using are correct. I would love to have a debate with them, about what they believe in. But the fact that they tell me to go away is kind of disheartening," said Jake Knaphus, Jordan High School student who clearly didn't want to pay a whole dollar for a cookie. 

Conversations like this are important, Jake, and we’re all for having them. But your peers are busy fighting the patriarchy with cookies at the moment, so the debate may have to wait. We couldn’t be happier that these girls are making themselves heard, and with a simple recipe of math and sugar, they’re showing just how unfair the wage gap is.

You go Young Democrats Club at Jordan High!

Images c/o KSL, Kari Schott