Happy Friday BUSTies! The weekend is coming so we know there are tons of shows you need to catch up on, but before finishing up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, here are a few stories you might have skipped this week:

1. Amy Schumer keeps it 100%, discussing the issue of not quite looking like Megan Fox or Kate Upton  in a world where the fact that Beyonce may not have the skin of a newborn is considered news.


2. Looking for some Feminist swag to wear? Well we have 10 awesome Feminist buttons to add to your summer accessories collection.  Oh yeah, and they are all under $3.

New Fall Issue d217c

3. These college rugby players are kicking ass and taking names: sweating, bleeding, and giving it their all as a big F-U to gender barriers in sports.

4. Janine Harper and Marc Bushelle are telling the stories of black heroines in these series of photos featuring their daughter dressed up as Grace Jones, Toni Morrison, and other fantastic women of color.

5. This 13-year-old girl not only wants to be one of the first humans on Mars, she also speaks four languages, plays soccer and piano, and has studied space history and modern scientific development. Yeah, we feel under accomplished too.

Image c/o Parlour Magazine

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