Susan B. Anthony is known as a leading suffragist of the 19th century who devoted much of her time to women’s activism, civil rights movements, and various other social issues. Amidst all of the rallies and speeches Anthony led and attended, one thing she certainly did not spend her days toiling over while deep in picket signs was her appearance. 

Today's focus on smoky-eyes, hairstyles, and cosmetics would most likely have Susan B. Anthony turning in her grave, and this video filmed by LASH, a UCBComedy group, has brought our famous suffragette back from the dead to give viewers a taste of what her response may have been to our society's current obsession with beauty.


In an exasperated attempt to find new ways to advance the women’s rights movement, Susan B. Anthony takes to vlogging (or a “Visual Log of Genderography”), where she answers questions from modern-day women. One question begins with praise for Ms. Anthony’s fight for women’s rights only to plunge into the question of whether she's “ever considered getting bangs.” Ms. Anthony’s response is priceless:

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“I prefer a simple bun, a tight bun reminds me how tightly oppressed women are!"

Check the whole thing out below:

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