Happy Friday BUSTies!  Before you go out and kick ass this weekend by being your fabulous selves, here are a few stories you may have missed throughout the week:

  1. Ever been curious about squirting? How to Vajaculate: If You Build It She Will Come is a video that plays around with the female orgasm. Featuring Wanda Sykes, Nina Hartley and Maja D’Aoust, this video is sure to make you laugh out loud, pussy juice blasting the patriarchy.
  2. Looking for those magical/mythical, locally crafted, organically cotton, toxin-free underwear? Pansy has your back and has just come out with a beautiful photoshoot with their focus on mothers-to-be as models. 
  3. Barbara Oritz Howard and Susan Ades are two women on a mission to change the face of the 20 dollar bill, hoping to replace Andrew Jackson’s face with a woman’s. Here's info on how to vote for this change and our own list of women we’d like to see represented.
  4. Obamacare was brought before the Supreme Court again—but this time about 4.1 million women may lose their healthcare. Read more here.
  5. We created a list of 12 Childrens Books we think are empowering for girls (and all genders!), little and grown. Check it out here.

Illustration c/o The Women's Center of Creative Work