In an interview on Friday, Sarah Palin said that we can “absolutely say that [she is] seriously interested” in running for President. At the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines, she spoke on her love for America’s veterans, her support of Iowa senator Joni Ernst, and how President Obama is “just not that into” America.

She also spoke very fervently on “stopping” Hillary Clinton, leading us to believe she might actually have some inclinations to campaign against her. “It’s gonna take more than a village to beat Hillary... And here’s how we do it. We go on offense, we go on offense now... because we, the people, we realize that this is war... and we don’t sit on our thumbs this next time when one of our own is being crucified and falsely accused of whatever the hip accusation of the day happens to be, right—racism, sexism, whatever.”



Yeah, screw those hip accusations of racism, Sarah. Keep the GOP strong by totally denying anything your fellow party members are accused of. Oh, and while you’re doing it, tell Muslims to “get the hell out” of America and call the President a “spoiled little boy.” While we can’t exactly take her seriously, it’s a little depressing to hear cheers and even chanting after some of her statements in her speech. But we don’t think she’s going to get very far in the race if she is running. To cop her clever joke, America’s just not that into her.

Image via USA Today

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