Emma Watson has warmed our hearts and empowered our vaginas once again!  

Some of you may recall the speech she delivered at the UN earlier in 2014. It was there that she announced her campaign HeforShe, a "solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity.”


Watson’s efforts have been doing just that: She was joined by UN leader Ban Ki-Moon who said, “HeForShe has signed up fathers who want to raise empowered daughters; leaders who know their societies will be stronger when there are as many women in parliament and in business as men; and ordinary people who are fed up with violence and discrimination against women.”

 Now, Watson has called to arms the leadership of countries as well as universities and corporations to help put an end to the persisting inequalities females face. She asked the members in attendance at the World Economic Forum today in Davos, Switzerland to follow HeforShe’s IMPACT 10x10x10  yearlong plan that will galvanize momentum within communities where deficiencies in inequality and female empowerment are more apparent.


 With the success the campaign has had so far we expect to see many more great things rise from Watson’s brainchild. Not only is Emma representing her former House of Gryffindor, but she is also representing one half of the human population—and she is doing it with intellect, style, and grace.


Information and imagine c/o: The Guardian, Youtube, Buzzfeed