Speed Rack is back with another bare knuckles competition in Washington, DC this Monday November 10! The national competition, started by Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, where female bartenders compete to see who can make drinks the fastest, also raises money for breast cancer research, education and prevention- all while also spotlighting some hella talented mixologists!


The competition in DC will kick off Season 4 of Speed Rack's tradition and mark the beginning of the road to ultimate Speed Rack champion, to be determined at the finals in NYC.

Along with witnessing some badass bar professionals whip up cocktails at lightening speed, a ticket to the event also includes samples of booze and local treats. Boozin' and treats, treats and boozin'! Get a taste for the competition here: 


Sign up here for one of the 8 competitions near you if you think your drinks are up to par.

Buy your tickets here and find Speed Rack on Facebook for more info!


Image c/o Speed Rack.