Rachel Maddow resorts to schooling the outdated beliefs men may have by reporting from a man-cave. This educational video is a battle between politics and science because Republican candidate Bob Beauprez is running for governor yet again in Colorado, and is convinced that IUDs cause continual abortions in a woman's body.

This very misinformed statement will be involved in the ballot for Colorado tomorrow, Nov 4. It will be on the Personhood Amendment, which will make abortions, including IUDs, under this politicians definition, illegal. Despite the fact that this candidate believes that IUDs are a bad thing, it actually has brought down the teen pregnancy rate by 40 percent!


Thirty-thousand IUDs have been given out for free to women in Colorado because it is a more effective and more cost effective method of birth control. 

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For some reason though, politicians are still fighting to make effective birth control like the IUD illegal even though all it does is prevent the sperm from fertilizing an egg, therefore preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Show this news report to any friends left doubting how birth control, (particularly the IUD) works (or to just get a laugh/mad at politicians together). This way, in next election we do not have to sit and watch someone try to tell us that preventing a pregnancy is the same thing as terminating one. Ugh. 

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