Consent Is So Frat' Tells You What You Can Do With Your Hands

Consent is So Frat is a non-profit organization aiming not only to bring the conversation of consent into the houses of fraternities, but also to align with Greek systems to end sexual violence and rape culture on campuses around the country. The organization, made of three female and two male board members, promotes consent in a variety of really cool ways, including campus visits, awareness and photo campaigns, and conversation-starting products.

Check out this video they recently made about what the hands of fraternity brothers are REALLY for with the hashtag #BeThatGuy  (Hint: They’re not for grabbing at other people.):


Recently, Consent is So Frat also began to expand their mission by integrating their ideals with sororities too! By spreading the message that consent and healthy relationships should be the goal of ALL Greek organizations, and not just fraternities, Consent is So Frat is promoting a culture of equality that we can all get behind! 

Also: Ladies can drink beer and high five too!

For anyone interested in bringing Consent is So Frat to your college campus, be sure to email them at fratconsent@gmail.com and help spread the word!  

Image Sources via NewJerseyisntboring.com & Awesomelyluvvie.com 

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