In my opinion, the popular 6-second video loop app Vine is a cesspool of transphobia, slut-shaming, cheap laughs and allowed the little twerp Nash Grier to be not only “famous” but to publicly shame women’s bodies and spread homophobia to 9.3 million followers. #gross

HOWEVER, upon doing a little research, I found that there are a ton of super cool feminist babes creating 6-second vines that smush the patriarchy and create more of a safe space for women on vine.


Here are my top 12 and be sure to follow these babes (and dude)!

1. eh Feminist 

2. Claudia Elle Carlson 

3. Amelia Sylvor Greenberg 

4. Madeline Haag

5. Glitterbajs

6. Mortify Me


7. Cephia Blackwell

8. Broadway Feminist

9. Sophia??? 

10. buzzlitebeer

11. kirby

12. Lance Billaber


The last one is my personal favorite! I actually can't stop laughing thinking about it haahha

I hope you enjoy these and sorta restore your faith in the internet. 

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