OK I’m sorry, but if you haven’t heard of Twitter’s new Woman Against Feminism (@NoToFeminism), you need to stop what you’re doing and open up a new internet tab, because damn if it’s not the funniest thing to hit the internet. Ever. I’m really serious. 

We’re all familiar with the tumblr blog, Women Against Feminism, right? Good. Though all of these ladies have the right to their opinion and to share it, the internet hasn’t exactly responded with as much gung-ho anti-feminist chants as they may have expected. In fact, it spawned another tumblr, Confused Cats Against Feminism - because what do cats know about feminism, right? Ha-ha! Good one! 



Woman Against Feminism is equal parts bizarre and sarcastic (aka the perfect humor cocktail for sassy feminists like us) as it takes on the confusion some people encounter regarding feminism's definition. The folks over at Women Against Feminism should probably take a few moments and look it over, in case they're still confused about what being a feminist actually means (read:equality, not: men suck). 

So, without further ado, I have compiled a small [read: incredibly long] gallery of tweets for your viewing pleasure: 





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You can follow Woman Against Feminism on Twitter at @NoToFeminism. Do yourself the favor and just do it. 


All images via @NoToFeminism

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