None of us lady folk really enjoy the pressure the media and cultural norms heap on us to look and act a certain way; however, despite our distaste for societal beauty standards, many of us get fully immersed trying to keep up with the pack. That’s why the Stop the Beauty Madness campaign is so refreshing, and what makes its rise in popularity so exciting. 

Robin Rice created the campaign to challenge beauty norms and give viewers the sense that they’ve "been socked in the gut."


The series of 25 photographs address weight, race, age, beauty, etc. It challenges the idea that a woman’s ability to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards determines her worth, which we all know definitely does NOT. 


The photos of children and young girls are probably the most striking. They really show how early we are affected by society’s expectations to appear a certain way. 


Visit the Stop The Beauty Madness website and read up on Rice’s mission. Hopefully women everywhere will grow inspired from the campaign and learn to accept what beautiful people we are already. 

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