Are you sick and tired of stupid laws being passed that take away women's reproductive rights? Does the Hobby Lobby decision scare you? Then let's get informed about our elected officials and do something about it! Tomorrow night, July 15th the Lady Parts Justice Official Launch Party commences at Union Pool in Brooklyn with comedians, bands, righteous speakers, and funny videos that “celebrate the awesomeness of women while proclaiming it is time to stop fucking with us!”

The site will launch via a livestream event on July 15, 2014. Tune in to on the 15th to watch Lizz Winstead, Goldie Taylor and Sally Kohn, and Jean Grae live from NYC, reading stories that women have submitted about their abortion experiences. From Austin, TX, Amy Hagstrom Miller will be giving viewers a live tour of her clinic that is soon closing due to the restrictive laws in TX and from LA, celebrity Lady Parts Justice Leaguers will be sharing messages as well. 


In light of the recent Hobby Lobby bullshit, Lady Parts Justice invites you to “fight with us to ensure that no one, not your Congressman, not your priest, and not your boss at the decoupage superstore, has the right to deny you medical care in an insurance plan you pay for.” The LGBTQ community did a spectacular job rallying not only LGBTQ people, but thousands of allies in support of more legal rights, so why in the hell can’t we women do the same? This is more than a gender issue, this is a human rights issue. Women are being treated like second class citizens and it just. Has. To. Stop.

“Women are NOT faking rape and they don’t have magical powers to deactivate rape sperm.

We are NOT pregnant before we are pregnant, we can’t have an abortion if we are not pregnant, and I think we can all agree, women shouldn’t be forced to carry stillborn babies.

Abortions don’t cause mental instability and the HPV vaccine doesn’t make girls mentally retarded.

No woman’s boss should be able to demand information from her to decide if her reason for wanting birth control is moral enough to grant permission.”



And don’t worry, there’s more!

 On September 27, 2014 Lady Parts Justice is promoting V to Shining V-a day that women and men across the country throw house parties, block parties, or concerts to celebrate the awesomeness that is women and remind everyone what is at stake in the 2014 midterm elections.


Visit their website to learn more about this totally awesome organization.

And go here to buy tickets for the Party at Union Pool in Williamsburg on July 15!

Pics via lady parts justice