Meredith Graves, you are a woman after our own heart. First, she tore down (literally and figuratively) some misogynist posters at a semi-recent show in Dallas, Texas. Now, she’s calling out critics who judge purely on appearance (not music), promoting total body positivity, and showing us what it’s really like to be Meredith Graves in a new video with fashion blog Stylelikeu

The video is a part of their “What’s Underneath Project,” which aims to spread the message that “style is comfort in your own skin, is not a facade, itis your spirt, it’s What’s Underneath.”


If you’re unfamiliar, Graves is the front woman of the punk band Perfect Pussy. However, the journalist who first released the story of her righteously going after the sexist posters failed to totally see her in that light. In the video, Graves notes that the journalist stated that he couldn’t take her seriously as a punk musician because she didn’t dress like it - yep, seriously.  

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Hear her spew some great personal secrets (that make us feel not so alone) and feminist nuggets of wisdom in the video below: 

Ugh, she’s so awesome. Bye. 


All images via Perfect Pussy's tumblr.

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