Carleigh O'Connell is a teenage girl from New Jersey. She had heard from some of her classmates that there was something at her local beach making fun of her butt and body shape. She went down to see and found the words ‘Carleigh’s ASS’ spray-painted onto the concrete. Most teen girls (myself included) probably would have gone home and cried if something like this happened to them, but not Carleigh. According to her mother’s Facebook post and the accompanying picture, Carleigh went to the beach and stood on the slab of concrete above where the spray painted words were located and took a photo. Not only that, but it’s a photo of her in a bikini, showing off her lovely ass. She then posted it to her Instagram and sent it to her mother.



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Carleigh’s mother, Daryl Lynn O'Connell, posted the image on her Facebook with a heartfelt caption about how proud she was of her daughter, how nothing else would make her so proud, and how she wanted to spread the story and image, so that other teens bullied for their bodies could draw strength from her daughter’s actions. We at BUST are practically as proud as Mrs. O'Connell of this incredible young girl. You go, Carleigh!

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