Relz, Bella, and Sierra are 6-year-old girls who dream of going to the X games. The bff trio make up the Pink Helmet Posse.

These rough and tumble girls were profiled in their matching pink helmets in a short Op- Doc by The New York Times. Every minute of this doc is seriously more adorable and badass than the last. One moment the girls are painting their nails in the middle of the skate park and the next they are crushing it on the half- pipe. 


While these girls pursue their dream, they act as mini- activists inspiring troves of other girls that  male- dominated sporting activities are not at all out of reach. In the film, pint sized skater Sierra simply states "I want there to be the same amount of girls to be skating as the same amount of boys.” 


At last year's X Games, of the 192 competitors, only 33 were women, and by the age of 14 girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports as boys. All three of the posse members want to make it to the X Games and skate until they're “old." Watch the Pink Helmet Posse in their New York Times Op- Doc "Gnarly in Pink":

For more inspiration check out their equal parts empowering and cute Instagram account:


I look forward to seeing more of this talented trio in years to come.