I’ve been an intern at BUST since February and I have to say, it’s been a wild ride. When I started my internship, I knew that I wouldn’t have a difficult time finding stories to talk about (luckily women are so awesome and talented that there is always something new and exciting to share!)  But, as I’m about to finish my time at BUST, I can say I truly had no idea what I was in for.

My most recent reflection came from the absolutely tragic UCSB shooting this weekend and the resulting #YesAllWomen hashtag. Check out our coverage of it here.




I’ve had the opportunity to look at such important and impactful stories over the past four months – ranging from the Time article saying that rape culture isn’t real to the #BanBossy campaign to Robin Thicke to Beyoncé’s claiming of the word “feminist” to Ellen Page bravely coming out (the first article I ever wrote for BUST). What an amazing time to be blogging for a feminist magazine.


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We all have levels of privilege of which we need to be aware. As feminists, we have a social responsibility that we try to uphold: to inform the public when injustice is occurring and to loudly proclaim in a voice that is bigger than our own.

I know that I don’t have to preach to you, dear BUST reader, who is most likely informed and willingly open to calling yourself a feminist. No matter your age, sex, race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, it is so important, more than ever, to never be afraid of the term “feminist.” 


This is our time. We have the chance to really show ourselves for the true benefit of our society. We need to stand up, share our stories, and connect with one another. The lesson I have learned over and over again is that if the media isn’t helping with the fight, then we need to make our own media and make them listen.

Photo credit: Michigan Live, Mashable, CUNY Online, PolicyMic, NBC News.

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