Let's hear it for the NJ Girl Scouts who are making us proud with their involvement in the #BanBossy movement!

The New Jersey Courier-Post, a South Jersey newspaper, featured an empowering and inspiring video and article where young NJ Girl Scouts discuss what it means to them to be a leader and how they feel about the term “bossy”.


The "Ban Bossy" movement was launched by the national Girl Scout CEO Anna Maria Chavez and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg earlier this year.

In part to the success and popularity of the campaign, Assemblyman Paul Moriarity has spoken out about the NJ legislation’s desire to close gender and race-based wage disparities.


“Someone made a joke the other day that we should hire Hillary (Clinton) to be out next president because we’ll save 30 percent,” Moriarity said. “I have a daughter. I don’t want her paid less than someone else doing the same work.”

“'We have some pretty strong women in New Jersey,” Moriarity said. The state has a “very progressive” State House delegation, with one of the country’s largest women’s caucuses.”

At first, I was hesitant to see how the campaign would pan out when it jumped from celebrity-spokespeople like Beyonce to actual societal change. But these awesome NJ Girl Scouts prove that banning the term bossy may have spark change in our society after all.


Photo Credits: Jodi Samsel/Courier-PostBanBossy.com, Parade.com