Former New York Times executive editor, Jill Abramson, was abruptly fired this past Wednesday, allegedly for being “pushy” and “mercurial.” Hmm, could it be that she got a little peeved and pushy (ahem, gendered terms) once she found out that she was being paid less than her male colleague, Bill Keller? That’s right, once Abramson discovered a pay discrepancy, she confronted publisher and chairman Arthur Sulzberger about the pay discrimination and was fired about a week later. Asking about the pay gap? Confronting her boss about not being paid fairly? How mercurial of her! 

 The New York Times actually acknowledged the claims with a not-so-subtle slant titled “Times Ousts Jill Abramson as Executive Editor, Elevating Dean Baquet.” The article claims that there was “an issue with management in the newsroom” for the dismissal and there were complaints that she was polarizing and abrasive. It’s easy to frame an assertive top woman as hysterical, bossy, and a monster. These are all terms women are subject to if they are “too” ambitious and successful in a man’s world. 


Anti-sexism group, UltraViolet, is petitioning for pay transparency from the New York Times after the public firing to bring more attention to the story and hopefully, to bring us closer to closing the wage gap in general. Transparency is key to responsibility. UltraViolet encourages you to add your voice and sign their petition, which states:

“Firing a woman for demanding equal pay for equal work is unacceptable. Make this right by committing to pay transparency so your employees will know how their pay stacks up against those with similar jobs – and whether they are being discriminated against.”

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The wage gap is something that effects all women and who would want to put up with earning less than a man who’s doing the same exact job as you just because you’re a woman? Not this chick! *Points to self*  

Images courtesy of and UltraViolet's Twitter.  


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