The Vagenda: A Righteous Guide to Dismantling Mainstream Media Garbage

The Vagenda began as a blog forum for UK post-grads Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, to critique and contribute to the women’s press. Initially, the duo simply flipped through magazines cynically and aired their displeasure to one another. They said, “The women’s press so frequently is completely divorced from what we thought would make an interesting magazine. “

But thankfully these gals decided to move forward and disseminate their thoughts and opinions into the expansive World Wide Web. Next thing ya know, the Vagenda had contributors from all around who shared in this distaste! We stand alongside ya over here at BUST, sisters.


It is important to note that these women have been inside the industry and also grew up consuming women’s magazines. We have learned time and time again that unrealistic beauty standards and gender stereotypes do not lead to a shining future. “Some of our contributors have labored away at the publications we’ll be ridiculing, would like to avoid biting the hand that feeds us and remain anonymous. Others won’t. But all of us (and we are many) passionately believe that we have created something that is very much needed.”

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The Vagenda strives to shine a light on all of the bullshit churned out specifically for women. The website features posts on personal experience, whistle blowing annoying statistics, raising awareness about feminist heroes and other media, and generally strives to empower women. Simultaneously, The Vagenda says "NOPE, NO THANKS" to insulting media, and offers audiences something with a lil’ more substance. The founders also state, “How else can we work towards a world in which the next generation escapes the fate of its predecessors?” Right on, ladies. 

The Vagenda has grown exponentially since its birth in 2012 and continues to gain momentum. The book, The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide To The Media comes out May 1st and is available for preorder through Waterstones.com. You can use the code VA2014 to get a sweet discount on the book! Peep this excerpt from the book to get ya hyped: 

 “We feel as though the media want us to be in a constant battle with our bodies, as though they want us to remove all traces of anything natural, such as body hair or crow's feet or freckles, to become a doll-like version of femininity. As a result, a woman becomes piecemeal, fragmented: a collection of boobs and thighs and bum and waist and calves, as though these body parts are somehow separable from her.”

Images Courtesy of The Vagenda

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