F*ck Your Beauty Standards: 16 Body Positive Illustrations to Boost Your Self-Love

"Your body is not a problem to be solved." 

As women we're under unending pressure to look a certain way. We know this can be totally exhausting, so here is a lovely selection of some kick-ass body positive illustrations from all over the internets to help you remember that those beauty standards just don't matter. 

"Sassy Pug" by Elliot Parker


Body positivity is all encompassing. It is not only about accepting and loving bodies at every shape and size (which includes very thin!), at it's core it's about accepting and loving all bodies, especially those that express beauty in ways that are abrasive to cultural norms - including different skin tones, gender expressions, differently-abled bodies, and tattooed bodies. Body positivity is about saying "no thanks" to gendered beauty norms, and practicing radical self love instead, because nothing is as important in this screwed up world than loving yourself, despite what a misogynistic culture dictates. 

So take a gander at these particularly awesome body positive drawings, save them to your desktop, print them out, make a vision board, and look at it everyday to remind yourself to never let anyone or anything police your body every again!! 

Or just look at them. It's your life. 

image source

By Arthlete

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image source

By Giang, giangie.tumblr.com

image by KG, source

image source

image source

By Irene V. D. W. at irenevdw.deviantart.com - source

image source

Image c/o Hayley Gilmore 

[Warning: The next few images are NSFW]

By Phoebe Wahl - www.phoebewahl.com

By Molly Alice - mollyalicehot.tumblr.com, image source

Have you seen any great body positive images lately? Share them with us below! 

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