How To Be A Feminist According To Stock Photography

Ever wonder what a ~real~ feminist looks like? LOOK NO FURTHER! The Cut, a site often required to use stock photography, recently discovered the marvelous results of searching subjects like “empowered female” and “girl power,” as well as “women with positive body image” and “working women” within their photo cache.

As writer Emily Shornick explains, “We know that stock photography is designed to trade in clichés; we're well acquainted with Women Laughing Alone With Salad. But after searching for 'working woman' and turning up umpteen images of multi-ethnic women examining X-rays, we realized that the world of stock-photo tropes is richer and weirder than we had imagined.”


Check out some of the especially informative images below to learn how to be the best feminist you can be.  

Search terms: empowered female, girl power. I CAN'T. 


Search term: career woman. Lone businesswoman on a cliff—METAPHOR??


Search term: career woman. MORE women on cliffs? And what is with the telescope/binoculars? Are they looking for the rest of their coworkers??

But wait... it GETS BETTER.

Search term: career woman. WHYYYYYY


Search terms: career woman, businesswoman. Climbing the ladder to success, literally. 


Search term: career woman. They're really into this climbing thing… 


Search term: career woman. STILL CLIMBING, Y'ALL. 


Search term: girl power. Because women are only powerful when holding exercise-related equipment, obviously.

Search term: career woman. Woman holding dumbbells and climbing! 


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Search term: career woman. This is what too much climbing will do to you.


Search terms: career woman, feminist, woman with positive body image. IS THIS REAL LIFE? HOW? WHY? 


Search terms: girl power, feminist. More smiling women holding things. Please take an extra moment to admire the girl in pink. 


Search term: girl power. UGH.


Search term: girl power. Using her power tool to perfect her pedicure because duh. Too much girl power for me to handle, tbh. 


Search term: independent woman. Independent women paint walls, and only walls, FYI.


Search term: women with positive body image. SORRY WHAT.


Search term: feminist. NOOOOOOO



Search term: feminist 

Check out the rest of the images HERE, and if you're ever confused in life, just remember to climb. Climb always. JUST KEEP CLIMBIN'

 Thanks to The Cut and The Hairpin

Images via The Cut, GIF via Tumblr


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