Ahhh...the sweet smell of awesome women: According to a new report compiled at the University of Montreal, lady doctors out-perform their male counterparts in every way. Yes, all of them. 

The study observed the diabetes-related care provided by 870 physicians, with even numbers of male and female participants. The participants were scored on three different levels of diabetic care: prescribing eye exams, scheduling physicals, and prescribing a special mix of medications. In every category, men were outperformed by women.


The study suggested the success in female doctors could be related to attentiveness: women are more likely to spend a longer amount of time with each individual patient than men. Though men average 1,000 more basic procedures per year than their female counterparts, what seems like efficiency may actually be hindering each individual more than it is helping the masses.


The study is ongoing, however, and is scheduled to continue in order to compare the care provided for different types of illnesses and diseases. Though providing the best medical care possible certainly isn’t a competition, let’s just say my money is on the ladies.


Thanks to TIME

Image via Madame Noire