What’s that, world? Women’s Equality Day was this Monday, and the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn’t passed? And pay discrimination is still legal? Huh, that's weird!

These Disney princesses know what’s up with the gender gap, and sing about it in this awesome video:



Watch out for gems like Ariel’s line, “It’s time to be paid for more than what’s in between our legs!” #tootrue

This happy tune comes as an unfortunate reminder that American women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar, and that it's totally legal. Congress, if they can’t pass the Equal Rights Amendment, should at least think about the Paycheck Fairness Act, or, like, doing something more than bickering about whether or not to use a three-fifths majority.

In summary: these princesses are awesome, gender discrimination is not.

Photo via Nerve

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