Peeps in France were stoked to see a new postage stamp design featuring the iconic Marianne emblem, representative of liberty and reason for the country. Some (dumbasses) were shocked, however, when they learned that the sketch was inspired by none other than our favorite boob-baring Ukrainian feminist group, FEMEN. President Francois Hollande revealed the illustration of Marianne rocking a Phrygian conical cap on Sunday in honor of Bastille Day.


Olivier Ciappa is the photographer and designer behind the controversial art piece. He tweeted that Inna Shevchenko inspired him the most, as a veteran member of FEMEN. Ciappa also published an op-ed piece that stated, "Feminism is an integral part of the values (of the French Republic). And Marianne, at the time of the revolution, was bare-breasted, so why not pay homage to this fabulous Femen."

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Shevchenko was happy to hear of Ciappa's support and announced that she's been granted asylum in France.

As per usual, lots of idiots out there are just not okay with this, declaring boycotts, yadda yadda yadda. (You can thank the right-wing Christian Democrat party for that.) Ironically enough, back in 1830 the famous painting "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix features a bare-chested Marianne leading the French over a heap of bodies during battle. And in 2013, a drawing of her face is a problem? Well, shit.

Source: Yahoo! News

Photos via Yahoo! News and HistoryWiz

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