We were laughing our asses off at the BUST 20th Anniversary Extravaganza while these two took over the stage. Now the hilarious duo has once again proved their comedic genius with a response to the anti-abortion legislation in Texas. Comedian David Cross and actress/poet Amber Tamblyn created the perfect parody of the newest doctor - the "Gynotician."

In a seemingly typical  gyno checkup, a patient (Amb Tamb) comes in to see her doctor to get birth control. Unfortunately, her physician is Dr. Proctor (David Cross), who is not a licensed gynecologist, but a gynotician! He earned his degree from "Todd Akin Non-Technical College" majoring in "Biologicalish Studies and Rhetoric, with a minor in Online Poker." 


He's anti-Obamacare, noting that we don't live in some "crazy Socialist utopia where all the citizens get access to universal health care no matter what. This isn't France, or Italy, or Canada, or Sweden, or Denmark, or Iceland or Australia or Finland...the point is, this is America."

He is also totally informed, citing the "latest research from 1926", and writing her a prescription to Viagra to help her husband alleviate her cramps, because well, as we all know, women don't have sex until we are married!


We've got to applaud Amber and David for this hilarious, but all-too-true satire on the current state of our politicians trying to control women's health. Gynoticians be wary, we are on to you, and we are crazed, sexual women who will not put up with this ish! 

Via HuffPost

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