This Dude’s Response To Female Crotch Sweat Shame Is Perfect

You might have seen the commercials for U by Kotex's sport pantyliners, that ran in Australia, where the narrating voice tells you that "sweat patches" are "not good." Zoom in on crotch of girl doing crunches in the gym, looking totes embarrassed because "OMG I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SWEAT DOWN THERE!" The ad goes on to show women noticing their disgusting, wet down-theres and then fleeing the scene or attempting to clumsily hide this humiliating part of their workout.


If you haven't seen it already, here it is, in all it's shame-filled glory:

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Luckily, Australian comedian Sammy J summed things up nicely by pointing out how much a dick a guy would have to be for judging a lady for BEING A HUMAN with REAL BODILY FUNCTIONS. And also how stupid this company is for exploiting body shame to sell products. Double eye roll.

My favorite line of the little ditty is probably, "So if we apply the logic they're using to sell it, and your crotch is sweaty so you buy a 30-pack/ Well then there's a stronger chance you'll end up with a douchebag, and that's a few years of your life you won't get back." Watch him perform the whole song below. Thank dog for dudes like you, Sammy.

Sammy's not the only one to take issue to the ad, though. This re-voicing of the original is pretty on-target as well:

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