If I slammed my head against the desk every time I heard something idiotic happened this weekend, the BUST office would be covered with dents.

At the anti-abortion law hearing at the Texas Senate Chamber this Friday, feminine hygiene products were confiscated, for fear that they would be "thrown at Senators."



Yeah, that's right, guys. Tampons are a real issue in this country. How many people have to die from tampons before we need to pass tampon-banning legislation? 

Wait, seriously, tho: has anyone EVER died from a tampon? Besides, like, that one friend-of-a-friend who ended up getting Toxic Shock Syndrome? Can you even DIE from getting Toxic Shock Syndrome? I dunno, I use pads.

Guns, meanwhile, are totes fine. People with concealed-carry licenses were still allowed to bring in their firearms, just in case the protest got rowdy. SURE, OKAY, nothing bad could possibly happen from that.


Seriously, Texas? Seriously? What is going ON with you recently? You and Florida* really need a time-out, because I'm a Jersey girl and I still find this crazy, misogynistic behavior appalling. I mean, yes, we were responsible for The Situation, but we apologized for that! We apologized for that SEVERAL TIMES!

And anyway, I feel like taking away a necessity from a bunch of bleeding, angry women would be a horrible idea. Girl, if I was in that situation, I would be the FIRST person to revolt.

Hashtag riding the crimson wave...of justice.

*With all due respect to the great Texans and Floridians who are protesting this nonsense

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