Food trends come and go, but sexism seems to always be in. Everyone knows Hooters, the “restaurant” more popular for the waitresses than the food. However, more establishments seem to be applying the Hooters model to their marketing: selling women’s bodies along with the food.

One infamous vendor is “CUPS”. Yep, you read that right. “CUPS,” a frozen yogurt shop based in NJ and NY is another place that justifies their marketing techniques by claiming to not be exploiting women. However, with a tagline of “Frozen Yogurt—That’s Hot” and a uniform consisting of a low-cut tank top, it’s hard to be fooled into thinking the name is a reference to a frozen yogurt cup.


However, some of these “breasturants” don’t just stop at objectifying women to sell their food. The waitresses become a part of the service as well. One coffee chain, “Java Juggs” and their sister chain “Twin Peaks” (Slogan: "Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.") were suspected to be a front for prostitution and were raided in June by the police. According to the search warrant, the customers could expect services by the baristas ranging from flashing to sex.

Java Juggs

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It’s great that the police cracked down on this chain, but sadly, that doesn’t stop the existence of many other sexist places, such as “Show-Me’s,” "Mugs ‘N Jugs,” or the “Tilted Kilt” and others where the widespread use of women’s bodies and sex are used to market products.


Mugs 'N Juggs

I’m sick of breasts selling wings or legs selling shoes. Maybe these companies should focus more on improving their products, and less on how to exploit women. It’s depressing how often sex is used in marketing. I get that sex sells. But you know what else sells? Quality products. 

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