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Like most amazing things, it all started with one viral tweet. "Help, my students are referring to Joseph Stalin as Joseph the Stallion after I showed them pictures of young Stalin," a hapless 10th grade teacher Tweeted. Since then, Twitter has been in a frenzy sharing flashback photos of some of our favorite (and most hated) historical figures in their physical prime because, let's face it: many of those grey-haired, middle-aged men in our high school history textbooks were once… hot!. Here’s a compilation of the top-tier historical hotties that made us do a double-take:

image 26181


1. "Joseph Thee Stallion"


2. Charlie Chaplin


3. Fidel Castro


4. FDR Junior


5. James Early Jones


6. Lewis Thornton Powell


7. President Joe Biden


8. Hermann Rorschach



9. Richard Nixon


10. Dalai Lama


11. Anton Chekhov


12. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


13. Che Guevara


14. Czar Nicholas II & George V


15. Zhou Enlai

Top Photo: Gaeneric / Wikimedia Commons

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