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#beautifullybisexual has been trending on Twitter since last night and bi folks are feeling themselves. People are tweeting out their best selfies with the hashtag “#beautifullybisexual,” and it’s honestly overwhelming. Here are a few to start us off:

While the trend is definitely about bisexuals serving up looks, it’s also about visibility. Although we’ve been getting more openly bi characters in the media, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz or Kat Edison from The Bold Type, it’s hard to find representation that encompasses our whole community. With this hashtag, however, bi folks are resisting erasure and demonstrating the myriad forms in which bisexuality can exist.

Contrary to popular belief, asexuals can be part of the bi community. Twitter user @DeansPistol writes “I’m Asexual but Biromantic does that count.” The answer is yes, of course it counts! Attraction encompasses both romantic and sexual attraction, which is something we should remind ourselves of more often.

Bisexual men have also been using the hashtag to increase their visibility. In a world that deems any man who has sex with other men as strictly gay, bi men are showing us that they exist and are here to stay.


It’s also important that we see more gender-nonconforming and nonbinary bisexuals. The term is still incorrectly assumed to exist within the binary; many people think being bisexual means being attracted to only men and women. Some may define it differently, but bisexuality is generally defined as the attraction to more than one gender identity.

And then there's those who are using this as an opportunity to come out. It warms my heart.

In a time where many queer folks have to put up with homophobia and biphobia at home, it's refreshing to see this small way of building community. 

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