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Zoë Bell, actress and stuntwoman behind films and TV shows such as Kill Bill, Xena Warrior Princess, and Death Proof (where she famously did the "ships mast" on a1970 Dodge Challenger) posted on Twitter about an upcoming surprise as part of her #BossBitchFightChallenge.

Massive surprise is an understatement considering Bell assembled an epic list of actresses and stuntwomen from your favorite action movies to create a badass virtual fight sequence. 

Thanks to some editing, sound effects and truly impressive stage combat, the video literally kicks off with Bell socking one to Lucy Lawless aka Xena Warrior Princess. The savagery continues in a chain of clever antics. The 5-minute video is jam packed with notables but some highlights include:

1. Lucy Lawless channeling Xena ready to throw a chakram.

Lucy Lawless 47dff 

2. Daryl Hannah reprising her role as Elle Driver from the Kill Bill films.

Elle Driver ed8c7 

3. Julliette Lewis getting ready to jazzercise our ass.

Julliette Lewis 7bb5a


4. Rosario Dawson getting ready to strike as Abernathy in a move from Death Proof.

Rosario Dawson 429cd

5. Cameron Diaz throwing groceries at us.

Cameron Diaz f21e6

6. Halle Berry making an epic recovery after being thrown backwards into her pool.

Halle Berry 78120

 Header photo courtesy of screenshots from video

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