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It’s finally back! The second season of Garbage People is here. In the first season of the web-series, Garbage People, tackled everything from Tinder to early onset alcoholism (but, like in a funny way) through entirely improvised scenes. Now, in the second season with twice as much hilarity, created by Emily Duke, Matthew Scott, and Matt Strickland, guarantee yourself a laugh from a way too relatable series.

Can’t get enough? Catch the comedic stylings of Emily Duke Presents Canal Yards Project and more tonight in Brooklyn at 8:30 at Frying Pan (all for $FREE.99, but you still need tickets).


Binge all season 1, first.


Directed by: Matt Strickland

Produced by:
Emily Duke
Matthew Scott
Matt Strickland
Catherine Cypher

Written by:
Emily Duke
Matthew Scott

Edited by: Matt Strickland
Boom Bitches:
Alex Kennedy
Eileen Vogl


Special Thanks: Von Bar

Matty: Matthew Scott
Emily: Emily Duke
Hostess: Alex Cairo
Blogger Bitches:
Sascha Garrey
Brielle Milano
Deborah Rose
Man with Rights: Matt Strickland


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